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Frequenty Asked Questions

    Getting Started

  • As your needs change throughout the year, we strive to offer a full line of custom greeting cards for every occasion. Our catalog offers the following card types to meet your needs:
    • Holidays
    • Special Occasions
    • Blank Note Cards
    • Well Wishes and Sentiments
    • Thank You Cards
    • All Purpose Cards
    • Business
    • Closing Day Cards
    • Housiversary Cards
    • Referral Thank You Cards
    • And more!

  • All of our custom folded note cards are mailed out using first-class US Postal Service Forever stamps.

  • In order to save you both time and money, we ship cards directly to the addressee you indicate.

  • To assist you in sending our custom greeting cards, Minute Mail provides you with an address book for your convenience. This makes sending cards and gifts quick and easy.

    To access saved addresses or create new ones, click on Contacts under the main menu. Then select Add New Contact. Enter the name and address of the person you wish to add. If desired, you can also add their birthday as well as additional important dates to remember. Click save once complete.

    There is also the option to import contacts from your own address book.

  • Yes, you can import address for your contacts to save time. To do this, toggle to the Contacts option under the main menu. Then click on Import Your Contact List.

    Download the sample CVS file provided. You can then copy and paste the address information for each of your contacts into the form. Save the form.

    Once you save the new CVS file, return to Minute Mail and click on the Upload button. Choose the file you just created. This will automatically upload your addresses.

  • At this time, we do not allow you to mark greeting card designs as favorites. However, this is an option we plan to add in the future.

    In the meantime, you may save your favorite designs under Saved Templates.

  • In addition to our other features, we also provide a scheduling calendar. This resource makes it easy to remember important dates for clients, friends and family.

    We also offer note card templates. This feature allows you to save your favorite designs to send out similar cards to clients. Or easily reuse your favorite designs when connecting with friends, family and co-workers.

  • At Minute Mail we take your privacy seriously. Therefore, your information is never shared with third parties.
    In addition, the information you provide for your contacts will never be used for any purpose other than to send the cards you create.

    For more detailed information on how your information is used, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • Minute Mail offers mailed personalized greeting cards, not e-cards. You choose the greeting card design and personalize your choice with photos, your message, and an optional gift. We then mail your personalized greeting cards in a matching envelope using a REAL stamp. So, your cards go out the same way as if you were to mail them yourself.

  • Minute Mail Gifts is a greeting card service for cards and gifts. We allow you to create personalized cards that are mailed out for you with a tuck in gift to save you time and money. Our service provides greeting cards suited for both businesses and consumers with a variety of designs and customization choices.

  • Minute Mail strives to offer excellence in quality in addition to services and products you won’t find elsewhere.
    • All of our greeting cards are made in the USA.
    • Card pricing includes postage.
    • Our services are scalable, so we are able to meet the needs of everyday consumers and businesses alike.
    • Customers can include small tuck in gifts with each card sent.
    • Add photos and custom text to your cards with no additional fees. You can send personalized birthday cards with photos to family or custom thank you cards to clients that are both affordable and memorable.
    • Our handwriting fonts and customizable signature give cards a handwritten feel. So, it’s just like sending a handwritten card!

  • All of the custom note cards and personalized greeting cards we offer are 5.5” x 4.25”. This is the equivalent of an A2 size greeting card.

  • Our folded greeting cards are printed on 80# Classic Crest Cover for long lasting quality. The paper is scored for a clean and professional looking fold and are mailed in a matching envelope.

  • Personalization

  • Photos, while optional, are included with every card design as part of our greeting card service. The number of photos you can use for each card depends on the note card template you choose.

    You have the option to add photos during the customization process. Alternately, you may also populate your personal image library in advance.

    The image library is located under the user menu. To access it, simply click on the menu bar when you are logged in. Then click on Images. From there you can upload new images or access old ones to create your personalized note cards with photos.

  • We recommend that the photographs you upload be at least 300dpi for the best resolution and print quality.

  • To send a gift with your handwritten greeting card, first select the card you’d like to customize. From there you have the option to choose your gift. Simply click on the gift category you’d like, then select a gift option.

  • Yes, you can personalize your cards with your business logo. For best results, we recommend that you use a high-resolution JPG or PNG image file.

    It is not recommended that you use the small portrait box for logos.
    PDF, AI, TIF, and EPS files are not supported at this time.

  • To create a personalized greeting card, follow these steps:
    • Create a free Minute Mail account. Then confirm your email.
    • Once the account is created, visit the main page, or click on All Cards from the main menu to access the design library.
    • Choose the card design you’d like to use by clicking on the image cover.
    • Now select the gift you’d like to include inside the card. To do this, first choose the category for the gift. Then select the gift from that category. This will bring you to the card personalization page.
    • To customize your card, click on Choose Layout located above the folded card left writing panel. Then click on the layout you’d like to use.
    • Now enter your personalized message. Click on the text box then type in the text you’d like to send to the recipient. You may change the font style, size, and alignment by using the button that appear in the popup box when you type. In addition, you may also add your signature the same way.
    • If your card layout has a photo option, click on the camera icon. To add a new image, hit the button marked Upload New Image. Then choose the image you’d like to use. The image will then upload. (If you have existing images in your library, they will automatically appear.) Click on the upload image or the image from your library you’d like apply to your design. Use the scale button to resize the image as desired, then click Close. Alternately, you may also choose a new image by clicking on the Change Image button and repeating the process.
    • Continue to the folded card right writing panel directly following the left panel. Then customize the right side of the greeting card in the same manner.
    • Once you are satisfied with the card content, hit Continue at the top of the page.
    • Fill out the return address and the address for the recipient by clicking on the boxes located on the envelope image. Then click Continue.
    • Proofread the card to ensure that is free of errors. If you need to make changes, click the Back button at the top of the page. Once personalized to your satisfaction, check the box at the bottom indicating that you approve the proof as shown.
    • If you are not ready to send your card, you may save the greeting card as a template at this time by clicking on the Save as Template button. Otherwise, click Continue to proceed.
    • To send you card now, click on Submit Order. Alternately, you may also choose to mail your card later. To do this, choose the mailing date under the option to schedule your order. Click Submit Order once the date has been chosen.
    • Congratulations! You’ve now personalized and sent your first greeting card with Minute Mail.

  • At this time only your default handwriting font is available to be printed on the matching envelopes for greeting cards. Therefore, if you choose a different style font for the personalization on the interior of the card, it will not match the font on the exterior envelope.

    The default handwriting font for the envelopes can be set under the Preferences tab located in the main menu.

  • To set the return address when you send out personalized note cards with envelopes, access the Preferences section from the main menu.

    Enter your return address information in the Default Return Address box on the screen. Then hit Save.

  • To change the layout when designing your custom note cards, first choose the card design and gift option. From there, click on Choose Layout located above each of the card writing panels.

    Once you choose a layout, you will be directed back to the card customization page. At this point, you can enter the text for personalization along with any photos applicable to the layout you’ve chosen.

  • We offer the ability to create and save note card templates within your account for future use. To create a template, choose a note or greeting card design from the Catalog. Then proceed through the customization process. After the card is personalized and your proof is composed, click Save as Template located at the top of the page.

  • To create a signature for the custom note cards you send, select Signatures from the main menu. Then click on Create New Signature. Use a mouse (or stylus for touch screens) to draw your signature.

    If you make a mistake, you can hit Clear to start over. You can also adjust the thickness of the line by selecting the Thickness button and choosing the line width.

    Once satisfied with your signature, you may hit preview to preview the result. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Save Signature.

    After you save your signature, you may create additional signatures by following the same process.

    To use your signatures to sign your name on a card, simply click on the Signature button located above the text box. You can reposition your signature by using the left click button on your mouse. Click on the signature and then move it to the desired location.

    If you want to delete the signature you’ve chosen, click on the Signature button to remove it.

  • To access your address book, navigate to your Contacts from the main menu. Alternately, addresses for your contacts will automatically appear when you begin typing a name into the mailing address box on the envelope. From there, you can choose the address you wish to use or add a new contact.

  • All image files must be in either JPG or PNG format.

  • Ordering + Delivery

  • Our custom handwritten note cards typically mail out the same day they are printed. During periods of high-volume requests, your cards may occasionally ship the following business day.

    If you schedule a future date to mail out cards, your cards will ship on the date you indicated when scheduling.

  • We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times. Therefore, all personalized greeting cards submitted by 10:30AM EST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) are printed the same day.

  • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer international shipping.

  • If you fall in love with our card designs, you can purchase select greeting cards in bulk at Magnets USA.

    Not all of the cards offered through Minute Mail are available to purchase for bulk via our sister site. However, if you see a card design you like that is not listed, please give us a call at (800) 869-7562. We are happy to discuss your needs and accommodate your request.

  • To create and send cards with Minute Mail, you are required to register for an account.

  • You can schedule a date to send out the cards you create. This feature ensures you don’t forget to send cards for an upcoming event, occasion or holiday.

    To schedule a send date, proceed through customization and proof approval. Then, before submitting your order, select the date you want your card mailed out from the schedule your order option.

    Be sure to allow ample time for your card to arrive when selecting the date. As all of our custom greeting cards are sent via the United States Postal Service, we recommend allowing for 4-7 days for arrival under normal circumstances.
    As Minute Mail is located in Virginia, on the Eastern Coast of the United States, we suggest you allow 4-7 days for arrival to the West Coast.

    During seasonal and holiday peaks, it is also important to keep in mind that USPS often experiences longer delivery times. Please factor the time of year into account when scheduling or mailing cards.

    To review cards scheduled to mail, click on Scheduled Mailings under the main menu.

  • Cards are shipped either the same business day or within one business day after they are printed. We send all personalized greeting cards via USPS First Class Mail. Therefore, the anticipated delivery date is 4-7 days after shipment within the continental United States.

  • To check your order status, navigate to the main menu. From there, choose My Submitted Mailings from the drop-down menu box.

    This page lists all the personalized note cards you have created, including the date submitted, the date printed and when the order was mailed.

  • Due to quick turn-around times we are not able to make changes to your order once it has been submitted. Therefore, we recommend you carefully proofread all personalization to check for errors prior to order submission.

  • All of the custom cards and gifts you create through Minute Mail are sent First Class through the United States Postal Service. Therefore, rush delivery is not available. You can refer to the USPS website for anticipated delivery times.

    Rush processing is not available at this time as we currently prioritize printing. All personalized cards are printed the same business day if submitted by 10:30AM EST. Otherwise, cards are printed the following business day. Cards are typically shipped the same day they are printed, unless you schedule a different mailing date.

  • As our mailed personalized greeting cards are sent First Class mail through USPS, we are unable to offer tracking once your product has shipped.

    However, you can track when your order is printed and mailed through the Submitted Mailings section of the menu.

  • Pricing + Payment

  • Our personalized greeting cards are affordably priced at just $3.45 per card. This price includes the shipping fee for us to mail cards directly to the recipients of your choice to help you save even further.

    We are confident that once you try our service, you’ll return to Minute Mail as your go to greeting card service for business and personal use.

  • All reasonably priced gifts can be added any card for as low as $.99 each. Customers can include one gift with every card mailed. There is no additional fee for shipping.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

  • We only use your credit card information to bill you for cards you purchase.

  • We take credit card security very seriously. Therefore, we never share your information with third parties.

    Limited financial information is stored only for billing purposes. All financial information is safely and securely stored by our payment processor, CyberSource.

  • No, this is not a subscription service. No registration fee or monthly fees are charged. You simply pay for the cards and gifts you send. Cards are $3.45 each. Gifts range from $0.99 to $4.95. Rather than charging your card each time a card is sent, we gather those charges, and bill for them on the 28th of each month. You can see your balance under the Billing tab.

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